Oniroku Foolishness (2005)

AKA: Dan kiroku chitai | Directed by Nomura Sasaki | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 71 mins
Cast: : Kate Asabuki , Tsuyoshi Okewatari , Jun Sugita , Masahiro Noguchi , Nao Kojima
Subtitles : –

Junzo, who has an ordinary and peaceful family, goes to an SM club with his young mistress, Tomoko. One day, a man, Nakamura, who wants Junzo to teach him the “secrets of true sadism” appears. Nakamura looks up to Junzo as his teacher and gradually becomes closer to his family. However, by then, Nakamura’s sadistic plot had already begun… What is the true purpose of Nakamura, who coldly says, “True sadism lies in psychological training rather than physical training?” The flames of Nakamura’s sadistic desires expose the stupidity hidden in this peaceful family…

[NF] Oniroku Foolishness (2005)
[RG] Oniroku Foolishness (2005)

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