Muramura New Wife Diary (2002)

AKA: Muramura nīdzuma nikki | Directed by Katsuo Kamisato | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 87 mins
Cast: : Kanako Kawai, Katsuki Naruho, Myuu Aso
Subtitles : –

“Frustrated wife, Mika Sakai (25 years old)” Mika started her longing new wife life, but her husband Yoshiki loved her so much before marriage, but no matter how hard Mika tried. It’s been refreshing lately. Frustrated by her frustration, Mika invites Mitsuru, her old lover, into her house to try to restore her former romantic feelings. She tried to force her husband to drink her aphrodisiac drink by mistake, however, she let her drink full. Mitsuru, who is lusting for her Gingin, attacks Mika. Mika is overjoyed at her having sex for the first time in a while, but she is witnessed by Yoshiki who came home early. However, Yoshiki himself took off his clothes and participated in the play. “The Case of Jealous OL Wife, Reiko Oshima (28 Years Old)” Reiko was finally able to win her wife’s seat after an affair with her boss, but she was jealous of her husband Koji. In particular, her husband’s subordinate, Yasuko, was beautiful and sexy, so she was worried every day. And one day, Reiko finally got into Koji’s company. Her husband and Yasuko were alone in an underground parking lot. Reiko, under the illusion that she was holding her cheating scene, pushed Koji down and became her horse rider, took off her underwear and had sex to show Yasuko. “The case of a wife who is not good at sex, Natsuko Yokota << 24 years old >>” Natsuko got married without much sexual experience, but her husband Fumio is a prostitute who admits himself and others. For that reason, Fumio buys her obscene underwear and tries to force Natsuko to wear it. Natsuko, who wanted to stop her Fumio’s customs practice, began to swallow her Fumio’s demands. And Natsuko also studied her sex magazine with one hand. She’s like soap until the bathroom is covered with air mattresses. It was a paradise for Fumio, but…

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