Oniroku Dan Genso Fujin (2006)

AKA: – | Directed by Yutaka Ohgi | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 75 mins
Cast: : Hitomi Kobayashi, Noriko Hamada
Subtitles : –

Hisako lives comfortably as the wife of Okochi, a university professor. On the other hand, her former Okochi woman, Akemi, treated her Hisako like her slave with a sense of jealousy and hatred. “Become a prostitute. Men will hold you here.” The first person to be called was Kazuo, whom I met at a party. Kazuo, who was in love with her wife Hisako, promises to rescue her from her Akemi. However, on the day of the meeting, Hisako has already been captured and raped by men one after another in the pitch-black storehouse. Kazuo, who was forced to make a choice by Akemi and came to see her, Hisako, endured the pain of being assaulted by her and her humiliation when she saw her screaming in excitement. I had to continue…

[NF] Oniroku Dan Genso Fujin (2006)
[RG] Oniroku Dan Genso Fujin (2006)

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