Naked Rashomon (1973)

AKA: Graine de prostituée, Showa onnamichi: Rashomon | Directed by Chūsei Sone | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 71 mins
Cast: : Hitomi Kozue, Moeko Ezawa, Eimei Esumi, Kaoru Hazuki, Jôji Sawada, Hiroyuki Mikawa, Hiroshi Chō, Kôichi Hori, Setsuko Oyama
Subtitles : English

A wealthy nobleman gives a young man a job as a bodyguard and takes his wife as a mistress. When the wife gets pregnant and gives birth to twins (one girl, one boy) the bodyguard is ordered to kill the wife and the girl so that the nobleman can raise the boy as hiw own. Of course, the bodyguard hides them instead and whaddayouknow, the two twins meet nineteen years later. Bring on the incest, bondage and bloody violence…Review by Joachim

[NF] Naked Rashomon (1973)
[RG] Naked Rashomon (1973)

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