Man Hunting: Resurrection (2012)

AKA: Man hantingu: Rizarekushon | Directed by Yasushi Koshizaka | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 77 mins
Cast: : Ruby Aiba, Kei Akamatsu, Shin’yû Fujiwara, Yô Kamiyoshihara, Kura Saya, Tachibana
Subtitles : –

The 3rd installment of the thriller series in which immortal human weapons and hunters attack. A secret work of a certain country aiming to capture a hunter is activated. The genius murderous demon, Kyumon, who directs the operation, drafts a plan to trap the hunter. Ayano, a gravure idol, is chosen as the “bait”…

[NF] Man Hunting: Resurrection (2012)
[RG] Man Hunting: Resurrection (2012)

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