15 Apartment Wives Assault (1984)

AKA: Danchi tsuma 15-ri bōkō | Directed by Umezawa | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 59 mins
Cast: : Orimoto, Urano, Hoshino, Aso, Matsumoto Mari
Subtitles : –

Yuji was to marry Yoshiko soon. She was three months pregnant. However, she was attacked by three thugs and died after her miscarriage. The culprit was arrested, but he decided to take revenge on six women who witnessed the scene, but he did not even try to help them and left them to die. They are Kyoko, Takako, Yukari, Michie, Maki, and Shoko. Yuji attacked Kyoko first. I know she was the only one who called the police. And she also had a grudge against the remaining five of her, so she said she would cooperate with Yuji and broke up with her husband and decided to live with her…

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