7th Heaven (2013)

AKA: – | Directed by Khanas Wayupetch | Country: Thailand | Language: Thai | 85 mins
Cast: : Cherry Samkhok
Subtitles : –

A humble person’s paradise is to love and be with her in love with Pon, Pan’s personal driver, a beautiful actress and actress. Behind her is the concubine of one of the most influential politicians. Pon was assigned by his boss to take care of him and drive him. The humble pon secretly fell in love with an angel with all his heart. Even though he already has a girlfriend at home The closeness and lack of flax made Pon unknowingly entered his heart. And heaven was real when Pon slept with flan.
But heaven only lasts overnight When the traces of lust were about to turn into the flames of their heavens. When Pan learns that Pon already has a boyfriend. And she’s just a mistress as always. And what will the two do when the boss learns that the two are secretly dating?
Will the conclusion of all love reach the seventh heaven? Follow in the movie 7th Heaven

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