Kanzen Shiiku (2011) HD

AKA: – | Directed by Yoshinori Takasawa | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 75 mins
Cast: : Sasa Handa, Atsuo Funato, Sanga, Tatsuro Nakamura, Takeshi Kawamura
Subtitles : –

Tragedy suddenly struck Misako, who was waiting for happy days after leaving Kotobuki. Misako is kidnapped by someone while she is waiting for a date with her fiancé, Shinji. And the place where Misako was brought was a detached house that could never escape. The man who confined Misako was Seitaro. Misako is subjected to all sorts of insults by Seitaro. She wonders why she has to face such a fate… Even though Misako is in her despair, she thinks of Shinji and tries desperately to escape, but fails. And gradually the truth of this incident becomes clear.

[NF] Kanzen Shiiku (2011) HD
[RG] Kanzen Shiiku (2011) HD