Kabukicho Black Swan (2015) HD

AKA: Kabukichō burakkusuwan | Directed by Daisuke Yamauchi | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 71 mins
Cast: : Ayane SuzukawaMakoto, TakeuchiYuri, NakamuraAyumim, Nakano
Subtitles : –

At the entrance of Kabukicho, college student Tsubasa sighs because she has no money. In order to pay tribute to her host, Kalesi Masaru, Tsubasa’s world is completely transformed when Yuki appears before her, who is in a debt hell that does not match her age. Yuki is a female scout who makes Kabukicho her home. No one in this town knows why Yuki is in her job as a modern-day prostitute, her past, and her smile. Except for one man who saved her Yuki from the darkness. Tsubasa takes an interest in Yuki, but the world of the night plays with Tsubasa’s body and drops her…

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