Woman Hunting: Massacre Woods (2012)

AKA: Uuman Hantingu: Satsuriku No Mori , Woman Hunting: Satsuriku No Mori | Directed by A. K. G. | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 74 mins
Cast: : Nishina Hyakuka, Yoshida Yuka, Kishimoto Naoko
Subtitles : –

Kyoko, an aspiring lawyer, is consulted by her best friend, Yukari. There is a game called “Escape Girl” where you can redeem her points if you save them, and instead of redeeming them, Yukari ends up in debt. And if she can’t pay her debts, she’ll be forced to participate in games where she can get a lot of money. Kyoko, who tried to protect her connection, ends up participating in the game together. And that game is a game where you pay a lot of money…

[NF] Woman Hunting: Massacre Woods (2012)
[RG] Woman Hunting: Massacre Woods (2012)