Confinement Bank Hell’s Feast (2006)

AKA: Kankin ginkō jigoku no kyōen | Directed by Hajime Gonno | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 70 mins
Cast: : Erika Shiina, Sanae Shiina, Yukino Toyoda, Miki Morishita, Togo Okumoto, Jimmy Tsuchida, Kazuhiko Nakamura
Subtitles : –

Bank robbery in broad daylight! A criminal group organized on the Internet. Who will have the last laugh at the end of the rape covered in fresh blood!? ? Noriko Harada (Erika Shiina), an office worker at a bank, is on the brink of personal bankruptcy as she buys brand-name items because she is lonely after breaking up with her girlfriend. Her desperate girlfriend, her popular homepage “Shimatsuya Sanjo! Send an email to “Mr. Disposal, please. Please rob the bank where I work!” It was building security guards Masao Nakayama and Tayama who received such an email. Taro, a fellow pachinko player, is drawn in, and an impromptu bank robbery team is formed…

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