Captive (2009) Uncensored Version

AKA: Toriko toriko | Directed by Asami , Satoshi | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 61 mins
Cast: : Asami, Maki Tomoda, Nao Masaki, Seiji, Nakamitsu, Mirai Kuroki, Mirai Higashi
Subtitles :

A full-fledged bondage movie consisting of an omnibus of 3 episodes! In the first episode, Asami, who appeared in “Kataarm Machine Girl” and is currently the hottest actress, is starring. It is the queen of SM that she plays. However, she is spotted by the customer, and she is reverse-trained.

[NF] Captive (2009) Uncensored Version
[RG] Captive (2009) Uncensored Version