Sister-in-Law Stolen Honey (2009)

AKA: Aniyome nusuma reta mitsugi | Directed by Tetsuya Takehora | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 81 mins
Cast: : Yaya Kozuki, Mutsuo Yoshioka, Mihiro Hyodo, Yuya Ishikawa, Goro Sato
Subtitles :

A man who can’t get up, Mitsuaki, has a secret desire for his beautiful sister-in-law, Natsuki. One day, Mitsuaki comes to the beach with his older brother, who runs a company, on a company trip. From that day on, Mitsuaki couldn’t forget Natsuki’s dementia and couldn’t hide her desires.

As the days of frustration pass, the rapist Anzai appears in front of Kosho. He wanted to use Mitsuaki’s position to rape Natsuki again… And then, Natsuki finally falls into Anzai and Mitsuaki’s trap. Her extreme insults and training will eventually make Natsuki captivated by her pleasure and drown her…

[NF] Sister-in-Law Stolen Honey (2009)
[RG] Sister-in-Law Stolen Honey (2009)