La Blue Girl 3: Lady Ninja (1996)

AKA: La Blue Girl Live Vol.3 – Lady Ninja, Injū gakuen 3: Kunoichi-gari | Directed by Kaoru Kuramoto | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 68 mins
Cast: : Saya Hidaka, Junko Asamiya, Momoko Nishidao
Subtitles : English

Part 3 of this live action Hentai series begins with tasty ninja babe Yaku contacting her equally sexy cousins, Seia, Fuka and Maki, for help in her battle against the Shikima sex demons. After all three of her cousins have arrived, and wounded Bido warrior Miko has been nursed back to health (Fuka applies a special potion to the patient and uses her naked body to thoroughly rub it in), the girls make one last bid to defeat their evil, tentacled enemies.

[NF] La Blue Girl 3: Lady Ninja (1996)
[RG] La Blue Girl 3: Lady Ninja (1996)