Love Sisters (1995)

AKA: – | Directed by Yasuhiro Horiuchi | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 75 mins
Cast: : Masaki Nishimori, Maki Hamada, Kana Fujitani, Minako Ogawa
Subtitles : –

Taketo Nogawa is timid and has no redeeming qualities. Joto transforms into a lustful beast after taking care of his father’s contact accident, who is a big businessman. Joto took lewd photos of Yukie Kitazawa, who was supposed to be the victim, and created a fake invoice for the accident. Joto, who threatens with bills and plays with Yukie’s body, gets closer to her daughter Rumi. Despite his disgust, Rumi obeys Jouto and entrusts her body to retrieve her photo and bill. Not satisfied with just that, Johto raped her sister Tomoko in front of Yukie and Rumi. On the other hand, her secretary, Yumi, who plots revenge against the Nogata family, joins forces with the women of the Kitazawa family.

[NF] Love Sisters (1995)
[RG] Love Sisters (1995)

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