Sujeong’s Wet Panties (2005)

AKA: 濡れたスジョンのぱんちぃ | Directed by Kim Sori | Country: South Korea | Language: Korean | 82 mins
Cast: : Gyo Eul Yong, Na -young, Sung Min
Subtitles : Japanese

Synopsis (Google Translate)
Hwang is a useless college student who drinks until the morning and is constantly scolded by his beautiful older sister, Soo Jung. Such a fan takes advantage of the fact that her sister’s friend On Joo likes her, and when she sees On Joo sleeping, he becomes lustful and crosses the line. Kyung Soo is infatuated with Hwang’s older sister, Soo Jung, who is Hwang’s fellow student and her best friend. When she came to pick up the textbook that Hwang had lent her while her girlfriend was away, she fell in love with Soo Jung, who was lying next to her.

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