Liu Jai: Home for the Intimate Ghosts (1991)

AKA: Liao zhai: Hua nong yue, Erotic Zen, Liao Zhai: Home for the Intimate Ghosts | Directed by Ngai Choi Lam | Country: Hong Kong | Language: Cantonese | 92 mins
Cast: Elsie Chan, Yau Kwong Chen, Charlie Cho, Paul Chung Fat, Miyuki Shôji, Siu Yam-Yam
Subtitles : English, Chinese

Very seldom shown erotic story of a cuckolded husband who departs his home and unwittingly becomes included with not one, but two, alluring ghosts. [Rim movies Catalog] Mandy and his spouse (that’s right, Mandy is a man) will be an uncommon few under any conditions. Mandy fools around with young women while his spouse is within the home, nevertheless the wife isn’t bothered a lot. She is just considering in the job she’s offered Mandy, which is … to frequently check with the neighborhood brothelkeeper, and find away if she’s found guys with incredibly difficult manhoods. How hard ? Complicated enough to punch an opening in a sack of grain (ouch !). And one more thing. Mandy and his wife are ghosts. Of course, this means you will find people who are seeking to exorcise them. In between residential disputes and pursued exorcisms, there’s acres of nudity and lots of sex.

[NF] Liu Jai: Home for the Intimate Ghosts (1991)
[RG] Liu Jai: Home for the Intimate Ghosts (1991)