Favorite Concubine (2020) HD

AKA: ae-cheop | Directed by Richard Kim | Country: South Korea | Language: Korean | 81 mins
Cast: : Yoon Yool, Oh Mi-ra-I, Rika
Subtitles : –

Jun-soo, a rich old man, decides to live in a local villa after retirement due to paralysis and health reasons. Only Jun-soo’s wife, Hye-sook, and Joo-seok, will move to the provinces, and Hye-sook will only wait for the day Jun-soo dies. Jun-soo gradually becomes paralyzed, so he relies on a wheelchair, and Hye-sook meets up Joo-seok. However, Jun-soo suffered from paralysis that night. Unaware of this, Hye-sook and Joo-seok hire Jun-soo’s caregiver to avoid Jun-soo and enjoy comfortably, but Joo-seok begins to look at the caregiver. After learning about the affair between Hye-sook and Joo-seok, Jun-soo begins to make a secret proposal to So-eun.

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