Wife With Horse (2001)

Wife With Horse (2001)
AKA: – | Directed by Satoshi Shimomoto | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 59 mins
Cast: : Kate Asabuki, Nanako Sakurazawa, Satomi Yukinozaki (Aya Misawa )
Subtitles : –

Otani spared no expense in improving his wife Miyako’s beauty, and even allowed her to have an affair with a young man in order to make her beautiful. Miyako meets Kurosawa, who is in charge of breeding at the horse riding club. A former jockey who retired due to an accident, he treated his girlfriend Miyako coldly. The next day, Miyako asks Kurosawa out, but he leaves behind a meaningful mockery. That night, Miyako heads to the stables as if guided by something.

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