Comfort Women (1992)

AKA: Jun ji wei an fu | Directed by Huang Kin-Lung | Country: Hong Kong | Language: Cantonese | 89 mins
Cast: Huang Kin-Lung, Lily Lee, Cheng Leung-On, Gam Chung-Yat
Subtitles : Chinese, English

Tomi Akiyama and her boyfriend Nakamura are troubled about allegations about a Comfort House in China. Tomi gets into the camp, first as a journalist, but is then captured and sent in as a participant. Nakamura is upset by this particular event, and the situation in general, and takes action. The progress of several other characters is followed, including a kind-of happy hooker, a jovial chubby Japanese woman and a brutal and rude general, laced with stock war footage and historical inter-titles.

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