Killing in the Nude (1985)

AKA: Xian shen | Directed by Si-Hyun Kim, Tso Nam Lee | Country: Hong Kong | Language: Cantonese | 89 mins
Cast: : Ti Ai, Yasuko Yagami, Chi-Mei Chin
Subtitles : English, Chinese

This is one of those really out there sex films, where if you love seeing a lot of full frontal nudity of young Asian hotties, with their yellow soft skin, get it on, no doubt, you will enjoy it to the hilt. This movie is packed with it. On the other side of that token, there is some sick violence and depraved cruelty, one murder scene of an Asian whore, a little upsetting, while privately dancing for a demanding (there’s that word again) customer, prior to her demise. The plot has a a girl here, who’s sold to a brothel, against her will and beautifully groomed (you’ll love the grooming process) and of course is broken, as the male customers that visit, are very demanding, with gluttonous sexual yearns and desires, to be vented in this high establishment bordello. She falls in love with a young customer, as you do, sparking jealousy with another party, that leads to murder, then a violent retribution. I’ll be honest, the Asian women here are eye candy for most part. The rich and gaudy sets of this movie are beautiful as is the dialogue, the madame saying to our new girl who will become the heroine in the end “Your teeth are like pearls”. Watching them go through the weird grooming process is a little unsettling in parts, yet fascinating, but like I said, it’s one of those out there flicks, this one really out there. A beautifully, unforgettably visual, piece of film making, mesmerizing from start to end, it’s violent finale, the cherry on the cake.

[NF] Killing in the Nude (1985)
[RG] Killing in the Nude (1985)