Pink Curtain (1982) HD

AKA: Pinku no kaaten, Pinku no kāten | Directed by Yasuaki Uegaki | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 69 mins
Cast: : Jun Miho, Naomi Hagio, Masahiko Abe, Toshio Yoshikawa, Tarô Mochizuki, Yoko Takasaki, Usagi Asô, Yôzô Ashizawa
Subtitles : English

Okuyama is a stocker at the supermarket who has no luck with women. His life is thrown upside down when his sister Noriko unexpectedly moves into his house. Okuyama is overcome with lustful thoughts for her, but she regards him simply as a brother.

[NF] Pink Curtain (1982) HD
[RG] Pink Curtain (1982) HD

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