Dan Oniroku Rope and Skin (2008)

AKA: Dan kiroku nawa to hada | Directed by Kin Ishikawa | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 79 mins
Cast: : Mieko Arai, Kana and Sana, Ichinohe Nozomi
Subtitles : –

Early Showa period. Due to her skill and beauty, the female warrior, Okoma, who was extremely prosperous as a gambler, earned her jealousy and turned against the local yakuza Ishioka-gumi. One day, the Ishioka-gumi kills the boss of the Nishimura-gumi, who was hostile to them. All of the Nishimura-gumi’s remaining henchmen turned over to the Ishioka-gumi, and the Ishioka-gumi imprisoned Nishimura’s only daughter Yukishiro, who had resisted until the end. Koma, who is greatly indebted to Nishimura Boss, is informed that Yukishiro is making fun of her, and heads to the brothel to rescue her. ….

[NF] Dan Oniroku Rope and Skin (2008)
[RG] Dan Oniroku Rope and Skin (2008)