Boss Playing With Wife (1998)

AKA: – | Directed by Masayuki Miyake | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 62 mins
Cast: : Wakana Sena, Mizuhara Miyo, Tajima Koichiro, Napolon Shis
Subtitles : –

A young wife, Shiho, whose husband is away from home and spends a boring day, comes up with the topic of a tutor. Her student, Shuichi, has been taught plenty of ways to please her woman by her older girlfriend, Misaki, and relentlessly provokes Shiho. Jealous of her relationship, Misaki approaches Shiho’s husband, Hiroshi, and imbues her with cunning. Enraged Hiroshi orders Shiho to stop being her tutor. On their last day as a private tutor, the two realize their feelings for each other before long.

[NF] Boss Playing With Wife (1998)
[RG] Boss Playing With Wife (1998)