Tokyo Outlaw Retsuden Purple Emperor (2009) HD

AKA: – | Directed by – | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 88 mins
Cast: : Jessica Kizaki , Kei Megumi , Tenji Iwama , Atsushi Tsuda
Subtitles : –

“Purple Emperor” is a women’s group that rampages around in special attack uniforms and remodeled motorcycles. Its first president, Reiko, has decided to retire. Reiko, who was sadly left at the last meeting, had the ambition to make a name for herself in Tokyo. However, the world is harsh on Reiko, a high school dropout and a member of the family. Reiko gets ignored at her interview, but becomes acquainted with Ryuji, who works for a trading company. With the help of Ryuji, who fell in love with Reiko’s strong sense of justice, Reiko gradually grows into a sophisticated woman. Reiko feels uncomfortable when her old friends visit her, but her boyfriend Hayato’s crisis and his friends’ persuasion remind her of her former president. Throwing away Ryuji, throwing away the current self, Reiko, the first president of the Purple Emperor, awakens!

[NF] Tokyo Outlaw Retsuden Purple Emperor (2009) HD
[RG] Tokyo Outlaw Retsuden Purple Emperor (2009) HD