Scorpion: Double Venom 2 (1998)

AKA: Sasori: Korosu tenshi | Directed by Ryôji Shinmura | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 82 mins
Cast: : Chiharu Komatsu, Ryo Karato, Shinobu Sakagami, Aya Sasaki, Atsuki Katō, Ichiban Ujigami, Yui Kimisaki, Goichi Yamada
Subtitles : –

Nami Matsushima has escaped from the prison to which she was sentenced in Scorpion, but is now obsessed with tracking down the–don’t laugh–one-armed man who murdered her younger sister fifteen years ago. Nami is certainly no great action heroine, and the plot at times makes little sense, climaxing with a coincidence more ridiculous than any Shakespeare ever used. For complicated reasons, Nami uses her medical knowledge to break into a women’s prison as staff physician. There, as in the previous movie, the convicts wind up naked awfully frequently.

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