Hitodzuma chokyo hiza makura (2000)

AKA: – | Directed by Kazuto Kubodera | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 74 mins
Cast: : Naruho Katase
Subtitles : –

Episode 1 “Love Burning in a Soapland” Mikiko, a married woman, runs away from home because her husband was playing with women. The place where she ended up is the women’s Hall of Fame, the reverse soap “Hanazono”. There, Mikiko meets Takuya, who was her classmate. Mikiko, who once liked Takuya, falls into a complicated state of mind. Where does a married woman’s swaying heart end up…? Episode 2 Married Woman Customs Guide Taeko, a married woman, is an unsuccessful actress and now lives in her household. Her husband Masanori is also her actor, and she is having an affair with actress Marie. Marie sets a trap for her girlfriend, Taeko, in an attempt to break up the two. Marie tries to force Taeko to play with men at a reverse soapland and make Masanori witness the scene. And Taeko is caught in Marie’s trap…

[NF] Hitodzuma chokyo hiza makura (2000)
[RG] Hitodzuma chokyo hiza makura (2000)