Anything for You (2014)

AKA: Deugeounjeongsa – Minaiyagi | Directed by – | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 65 mins
Cast: : Kaho Kasumi
Subtitles : Korean

Naomi, who runs a coffee shop that her mother handed over, comes to the shop with her private colleagues because of her mother‘s bond. One day, however, Mina is concerned that Mina and I are staying together at the same house. Mina accidentally finds out that her brother is having a hard time because of the debts and tries to repay the debt instead. Instead, they will pay off. Nonomiya, who is angry at the fact, finds a loaner, but Mina was not there.
Two people who have confirmed each other ‘s feelings at the sacrifice of Mina share love, but Mina disappears without saying the next day.Mina ‘s twin sister comes and listens to Mina’ s real heart and spends her day waiting for her. Two years later she comes back..

[NF] Anything for You (2014)
[RG] Anything for You (2014)