Lady Ninja Kasumi (2005)

AKA: Sanada kunoichi ninpô-den: Kasumi, Lady Ninja Kasumi: Vol. 1 | Directed by Hiroyuki Kawasaki | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 79 mins
Cast: : Young-mi, Saki Anz, Yui Mamiya, Tomotake Shigematsu, Ginji, Shôichi Imai, Masanobu Matsuda, Hidenori Yanagi
Subtitles : English

Eros action series in the 3rd stage was dominated by violence and prison whip female prisoner. Transformation under the cry of the director, who was lined on the wall female prisoner. Termed it go over the holes in the body hole, the director will shame the women one after another. Female prisoner in their harsh daily.

[NF] Lady Ninja Kasumi (2005)
[RG] Lady Ninja Kasumi (2005)

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