Rope Sisters: Strange Fruit (1984)

AKA: Nawa Shimai: Kimyona Kajitsu | Directed by Shun Nakahara | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 69 mins
Cast: : Toshiyuki Kitami, Makoto Yoshino, Hiromi Saotome, Shoichi Itô, Naomi Hagio, Ushi Tôyama, Nobuo Koganei
Subtitles : –

Muraki is a failure in his job as a salesman and has to deal with his wife’s disappointment and criticism at home. One day, after sleeping in a park, he happens upon two women who look like they’ve been victims of a sexual assault. He helps them but as night comes an increasingly twisted mindgame unfolds between the involved parties and it is no longer certain who’s the victim and who’s the perpetrator.

[NF] Rope Sisters: Strange Fruit (1984)
[RG] Rope Sisters: Strange Fruit (1984)