Immoral Apartment House (2003)

AKA: 韓国漁村ロマン 種つけ 背徳の集合住宅 | Directed by john haechan | Country: South Korea | Language: Korean | 75 mins
Cast: : Cha Rin , Lee Soo Hyun
Subtitles : Japanese

Synopsis (Google Translate)
Mandeok’s wife Pocheondek is a sex addict. She moves to a fishing village in the countryside where no one in her family knows about her because of bad rumors about her relationship with the men in the town. With a fresh start, Man-deok goes to a new location and works at a dried fish store run by CEO Bae. However, in the apartment complex they moved to, there were women who signed up as surrogates to have children for money. One of them, Hae Za, had signed a contract with CEO Bae, but she was treated humiliatingly by the president’s wife and left him…

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