Naked Fist (2021) HD

AKA: Hadakaken, はだか拳 | Directed by Yasushi Koshizaka | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 52 mins
Cast: : Moe Amatsuka, Mako Komaki, Ayaka Tomoda, Hana Misora, Miki Narutani, Mitsuki Ikeda, Chuck Johnson

Subtitles : –

Akira (Mako Komaki) was helped by Tetsuko (Moe Amatsuka), a user of “Hadakaken”, who was attacked by the vigilantism. She tries to learn “Hadaka Fist” to help her captive boyfriend, but it is a fist method that causes the other party to die by sexual intercourse. Using “Hadakaken” means losing her virginity. Should I protect my boyfriend (loved one) or virgin (virgin)? What is the too sad conclusion of the maiden who is shaken by the conflict?

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