Onmyoji – Devil Advent (2001)

Onmyoji – Devil Advent (2001)
AKA: – | Directed by Nomura Sasaki | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 79 mins
Cast: : Chika Miura, Hinako Kamiya, Yurika Iwashita / Yusuke Nakano
Subtitles : –

Synopsis (Google Translate)
The last orthodox beautiful girl Chika Miura makes her debut! Hinako Kamiya (newcomer) Yurika Iwashita bursts open boldly! One day, Shiori (Chika Miura), who inherits the blood of an onmyoji, discovers a woman who is possessed by her lewd demon and eats men one after another. Shihori makes full use of her own technique and challenges her to a fierce battle with Inma, but… An entertainment film that uses CG to depict a battle between a monster (puppeteer) and a female Onmyoji.

[NF] Onmyoji – Devil Advent (2001)
[RG] Onmyoji – Devil Advent (2001)

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