A Watcher in the Attic (2006)

AKA: – | Directed by Mitsuhiro Mihara | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 87 mins
Cast: : Yoko Kamon , Shunsuke Kubozuka , Hitoshi Muraki , Hikari Nagase , Moeko Shimizu , Ryoko Yui , Hoka Kinoshita , Denden
Subtitles : –

A sensual suspense film adaptation of Ranpo Edogawa’s short story of the same name. Starring Yoko Kamon and Shunsuke Kubozuka. The director is Mitsuhiro Mihara of “The Village Photograph Collection”. Editor Naoko Tomioka visited the Toeikan, where he lived during his lifetime, to cover a feature article on the late Saburo Goda, a painter whose frightening style has earned him a cult following. Before long, Naoko hears that Goda loved the attic, so she goes up to the attic with her flashlight in hand. Naoko, who accidentally becomes a “walker” herself, sees the unknown world of the residents from the attic…

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[RG] A Watcher in the Attic (2006)