Oedo Nasty Picture Scroll Revenge (2005)

AKA: – | Directed by Kazumi Sekine | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 61 mins
Cast: : Yuki Morihara
Subtitles : –

Osae sells herself at a red-light district while looking for her younger sister, Otae, whom she separated from when she was young. She kept looking for burn marks on the uncovered chests of the guests, the marks of her revenge for killing her parents. One day, Sae hears a rumor about her wife, Otae, who runs a lumber wholesaler, Daikokuya. The woman Osamu met after passing through Daikokuya’s curtains, though hesitant because of her different social status, was her younger sister, Tae. The two of them shed tears at the reunion they had dreamed of, and savor their happiness. However, behind the scenes, Sae’s familiar customer, Shinpachi, was planning to kill the daikokuya to pay off the debt he had made through gambling. Furthermore, Sae finds the same burns on Daikokuya’s chest as her enemy…

[NF] Oedo Nasty Picture Scroll Revenge (2005)
[RG] Oedo Nasty Picture Scroll Revenge (2005)

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