Pink Stockings (1997)

AKA: Pink Stockings Heisei version | Directed by Yasuro Uegaki | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 85 mins
Cast: : Rina Sawaguchi, Kyouko Ono, Yuko Mizushima
Subtitles : –

Miki Yoshihara, who was assigned to the advertising department of the new stocking “Pink Line”, actually had an affair with the manager, Machida. Unaware of this, Nakatsuka forms a team with a beautiful face and a sexy body that make men’s hearts flutter. Miki doesn’t seem to mind, she enjoys hard sex with each man. Reiko also gets involved, and things just get more complicated. A lustful relationship that loses her balance and gradually begins to play a dissonant chord. What I was waiting for was…

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