Entrails of a Beautiful Woman (1986) HD

AKA: Guts of a Beauty, Entrails of a Beauty, Bijo no harawata, Beauty Guts | Directed by Kazuo Komizu | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 67 mins
Cast: : Megumi Ozawa, Seira Kitagawa, Ken Yoshizawa, Ayako Ishii, Shinji Sekikawa, Kazuhiro Sano, Yoshinari Yoshie, Kimiya Kôdagawa
Subtitles : English

Nozomi, a woman who is dragged by her half-gray lover, Akira, leads a life of rock bottom. Akira, a self-proclaimed genius, is introduced by her friend to the profession of a specialist “rod master” who has first-class techniques to please women, but a trivial thing causes a wrath, causing great damage to her shop. will give She is entrusted to the owner, Nozomi, to take care of the rod masters who are unable to “work”. Nozomi, who finds joy in being needed by someone and being held gently, regardless of day or night, steps into the world of her ultimate love and supreme SEX. [* DVD release is not planned. Please note.

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