Pleasure Photo Gallery (2017) HD

AKA: – | Directed by Tadafumi Tomioka | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 86 mins
Cast: : Iori Furukawa, Masataka Matsubara, Ryosuke Watanabe
Subtitles : –

Synopsis (Google Translate)
One day, an elderly man comes to Hideo Hamada (), the owner of an old photo studio, to have his photos developed. come. “I’m sure you’ll be surprised when you see the photo, but please don’t say anything else,” the man says and leaves. Hamada is shocked when he sees the finished photo. There was a photograph of the naked body of a young woman who was so beautiful that she couldn’t believe it belonged to this world. Hamada is instantly captivated by the woman in the photo. It’s like she’s smiling at me from the photo… The name of the owner of the photo is Joji Kawai (). He “purchased” her from the parents of Naomi (Iori Furukawa), the woman in her photo, when she was still a young girl, and promised to raise her into the woman of his dreams and become her husband. was doing. As time passed, Naomi became the ideal woman, just as Joji had envisioned. However, there is no way a curious young woman can remain faithful to a middle-aged man, and she begins to invite him into her home frequently. Joji is furious and locks Naomi in his house. Meanwhile, Hamada’s feelings for Naomi in the photo gradually escalate, and he finally enters the photo and begins to talk about her love for Naomi.

[RG] Pleasure Photo Gallery (2017) HD