Zero Woman 5: Forgotten Memory (1997)

AKA: Zero woman: Kesenai kioku, Zero no Onna: Kesenai, Zero WOMAN 5, Zero Woman: The Hunted | Directed by Norihisa Yoshimura | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 81 mins
Cast: : Mikiyo Ono, Kou Watanabe, Yoshiaki Fujiwara, Viktor Krüger, Daisuke Ryû, Kazuki Nagasawa, Alexander Otsuka
Subtitles : English

A woman with no past or identity, Rei is a gorgeous undercover agent for the Zero Department, a deadly shadow division of the police force. But her skillshave made her a threat and this sleek, sexy assassin has been marked for death by a rival organization. It will take this deadly seductress every ounce of her cunning to survive!

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